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Tennen Onsen Yuan is located in the town of Miki, in rural Hyogo. With a small mountain in it’s back yard and only a small road leading up through a sleepy suburb you are easily fooled into thinking you’ve missed a turn and got lost. But the narrow road soon gives way to a wide parking area.

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Information about Spaworld’s current ¥1,000 campaign.

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It has been a fairly quiet week on the sento & onsen blogging front, but we managed to find a few interesting articles about public bathing.

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This is the first edition of the weekly sento digest, an overview of what other blogs have been writing about public baths in Japan.

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Dogo Onsen is the oldest and most famous bath house in Japan. It has featured in a book and a movie and has over 3,000 years of history.

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Distinguishing between onsen and sento is not always as straight forward as you might imagine. The difference is in whether a bath house gets its hot water from a hot spring or the tap. Find out all about the difference.

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I live in a city with a decent number of sento, but I usually go to the same one every week. This week I wanted to go on Wednesday but my regular sento is closed on Wednesdays, so an excellent excuse to check out one of the others in town.

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Sento are disappearing from Japan at an alarming rate. Bath house owners are looking for new ways to rekindle interest in this intimate nook of Japanese culture.

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While Yupika is in fact an onsen, meaning the water comes from a natural hot spring, it is mainly used by the people living around the onsen to wash themselves clean on a regular basis. In that sense it has all characteristics of a public bath, rather than a resort.

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Electric baths are commonplace in Japanese public bath houses, but exactly what is the benefit of bathing in electricity?

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