Experience report: Kita No Yu Shounai Onsen

Written on February 18, 2010 by Wouter

Listing page for this sento.

My experience: I was in Nagoya for a business trip and with a few hours to kill I decided to look for a place to take a soak. I found this place, not near to any form of public transport, but not far from where I was working, so I decided to check it out.

This public bath is an onsen built in super sento style. It’s very spacious in setup and has everything you’d expect from a super sento, including a place to get your hair cut, a restaurant, and of course a large variety of baths. The baths are fairly evenly divided between the inside and outside bathing areas. Inside there are a big bath with seven or so different types of massage jets, a bath filled with the mineral goodness of the hot spring this bath house is built on, a regular warm and a regular cold bath. There is also a rather spacious sauna.

My favorite part however was the outside area, again quite spacious in setup. There are a couple of rock pools and a herb bath with seasonal herbs, as well as an area with stone beds to relax and dry up. The outside area offers a view of the adjacent river, and the residential tower across the river.

While in Nagoya proper, the nearest subway station is about a half an hour walk away, which is the only downside if you’re just visiting the city.

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