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Keirin is the Japanese word for track cycling. The Keirin track in Beppu happens to have its own onsen. Today I took a bath there. You can read more about my experience on I also posted a few photos …

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This is a syndicated post, which originally appeared at JAPAN Style. View original post. As you may know, Japan has a culture of public bathing. It is sometimes very hard for foreigner to accept this concept, but for Japanese people, it is mostly fun and …

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My name is Mischa and Wouter asked me to write a guest post about my bathing experiences in Beppu. If you want to know more about me, check out my blog. I live in Oita city, Oita prefecture, in the …

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Let me just say that I am MODEST, to say the least!  I never go out of the house thinking that something in my wardrobe is “out of sorts” or missing or showing anything that would scare the public or warrant children screams.  I always hated gym

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It has been a fairly quiet week on the sento & onsen blogging front, but we managed to find a few interesting articles about public bathing.

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