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Address: 55-4嵯峨野宮ノ元町 Ukyo Ward Kyoto City
Phone: 075-882-4126
Price: ¥1,000

The facility is rather big and its staff is friendly and speaks some English. Once you enter you will see the shower area in the back which provides soap and shampoo for free, so you just need to bring an own towel.You will find several pools with a wide range of temperatures. They feature from very cold (15°C) to very hot (45°C). Some of them have natural hot spring water. The outside area has two pools, small bath tubs and some loungers where you can lay down. Furthermore it has jet bath for massaging your muscles and if you need more treatment you can go to the massage area (additional fee).The sauna has enough space for around 30~40 people and of course has a huge flat screen TV. Additionally they offer small ice cubes outside to keep your head cool. There is also a dispenser for free drinking water.

Very popular on the weekends for sure, you will see many children as well. On weekdays more quiet and less crowded. Price is rather high, compared to other Sento in Kyoto, but still worth a visit. (By: Paul Balluff)

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