Fellow sento lovers

  • I Love ゆ
    A collection of reviews, and information about hot springs, onsen and sento in Kansai and beyond.
  • Onsen Blog
    Sonoe travels all around Japan to soak in the natural hot springs (onsen) and write about them.
  • Onsen Meijin
    Mischa Berger has visited all 88 onsen in Beppu and earned the title of Onsen Meijin (Onsen Master). He writes about his experiences here.


  • Asia Images
    John Lander is a freelance photographer and this is his photo blog. It’s filled with beautiful visuals, mostly the most exciting parts of Japan.
  • Chottomatte
    Beautiful photos from all around the Kansai area on a blog that takes you deep into Japan.
  • In Praise of Izakaya
    Dave is “an expat denizen of Tokyo with a penchant for sparkly dining partners, jazz bars and izakaya” and writes about it.
  • Japanese Castle Explorer
    Dan lives in Kyushu and has a passion for Japanese castles. He regularly travels all around the country to visit them and blog about them.
  • Loco in Yokohama
    This is a blog for readers, written by a New Yorker living in Yokohama 7 years now.
  • The Inside Japan Blog
    Getting beneath the surface of Japanese culture.
  • The Japan Blog List
    A larger collection of Japan related blogs which are written in English.
  • Whoa… I’m in Japan
    A fresh view of Japan from a girl who is really excited to be here.

Japan news

  • Japan Bump
    The best user submitted Japan news, pictures and videos.
  • JapanSoc
    JapanSoc is a community of Japan enthusiasts. Do you like Japan? Great! Share your thoughts, pictures, links, etc.
  • Japundit
    Japundit is a blog about everything Japan related.