It’s been quite a while since I posted something here, but in the mean time I went to lots of onsen. I’d like to introduce you to some of my favorites: Hana no Yu— This place is special because it …

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I have been living in Japan for more than three years and usually we spend Christmas and New Year’s in Europe. This time we stayed in Japan for the first time. What better to do than spend Christmas in an …

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The Japanese new year is a celebration of new hopes and firsts: first meal, first sunrise, first visit to a shrine and, my favorite, the first bath of the year.

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Tenkai No Yu is a really nice onsen in the hills of west Oita. We went on a Friday night around 9:15 and it was very busy. All the kazokuburo were occupied all the time we were there. People had to …

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Keirin is the Japanese word for track cycling. The Keirin track in Beppu happens to have its own onsen. Today I took a bath there. You can read more about my experience on I also posted a few photos …

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This is a syndicated post, which originally appeared at JAPAN Style. View original post. As you may know, Japan has a culture of public bathing. It is sometimes very hard for foreigner to accept this concept, but for Japanese people, it is mostly fun and …

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My name is Mischa and Wouter asked me to write a guest post about my bathing experiences in Beppu. If you want to know more about me, check out my blog. I live in Oita city, Oita prefecture, in the …

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Let me just say that I am MODEST, to say the least!  I never go out of the house thinking that something in my wardrobe is “out of sorts” or missing or showing anything that would scare the public or warrant children screams.  I always hated gym

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With the onset of the colder weather the number of blog posts about onsen visits also rises. This week we have a review of Kinosaki Onsen and Dogo Onsen, a bathing experience in a ryokan, a great tip on how to recreate the goodness of an onsen in the comfort of your own home and a look at some of the best onsen in Tokyo.

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Two sento-related posts caught my attention this week.

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